Molly Shivers

Dallas, TX

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Molly Shivers was born in Denton, TX in 1996 and currently works and resides in Dallas, TX. Her acrylic paintings are experiments in portraiture and surrealism, but as an emerging artist her work is constantly evolving.

"The narrative behind my work is set in an alternate universe where girls are thousands of feet tall and often in uncomfortable situations. My focus is on portraying delicacy and femininity despite physical distortion, and the disproportionate characters reflect my own confusion, awkwardness, and uncontrollable circumstances. The perplexed expressions emoted through the eyes and faces are then balanced by vivid and luminous color pallets."


Group, Art Expo New York, Pier 92 - New York, NY
Group, Gallery 001, Untitled Collective - Dallas, TX
Group, Chocolate and Art Show, Lofty Spaces - Dallas, TX
Group, Conception Art Show, Community Beer Company - Dallas, TX
Group, Gallery 3, Ladies N Art Show - Dallas, TX


Gallery Assistant Intern Ro2 Art August, 2018 – Present Dallas, TX